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Hope is around the corner

5 years since my accident and I finally have a slight chance of being pain free. I’ve struggled with chronic back pain since I had screws placed where my L4-L5 vertebra use to be and I have been extremely screwed by the health care system. I have been extremely vocal about the situation and I have had the date marked on my calendar for my own way out only to have my daughter come round a few weeks after I had settled on a date to tell me she was pregnant and due the day that I had chosen.

If you have ever needed something to tell you God exsist, well here it is he was the only one who could have known my plans for suicide and chose to have it a birthday instead of my death.

That date was chosen back in December last year and last week on the 2nd of August my newest grandson was born. I have been a bit pissed over the fact that she was able to conceive, grow and give birth in the same time as I have been having forthrightly appointments for mental health, drug recovery and doctors, but I have not had 1 single thing change except for me no longer using illicit drugs to see some days in less pain than I am usually dealing with.

I have been a little defeated and the future as I am isn’t a life, it’s a torture device that I am the only one who has to deal with it. I have been so patient with there 10months of bullshit and I have to admit that it’s not easy to stay clean when I know I could be out of pain if I was to use again. So I have to question what the hell I’m meant to share with others who are living in my kind of situation and how to get the help they need. I have to admit that they weren’t listening to me that I was in chronic pain and so I took it above all the gps and gave a positive urine test to the drugs of dependence board and the world’s no longer bearable since I gave them my life instead of using illicit drugs. Can you please make sense of the world where I am better off dead than to be using a drug that they are not keen on?

Well I have not had the suicide completely out of the picture as I have a date with Rob Thomas on the 10th of November and, well as for after that there’s nothing more than a bit of hope that I am not still in the same life of 24/7 pain with no life as a result.

Thanks for listening.

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MY engraved gold pen

I truly love the amount I am still in love with my pen and what it really does change the way I have thought of myself as an author and I am a dam good writer. I have been a little challenged by the way my English teacher in high school failed me, but I have been a little better now I have workedout that it wasn’t me who failed but it was he for not recognising the author in me. I could have been extremely busy writing God knows what if I had of been tought properly 30years ago.

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Lovers pass


Grown from my womb

I never thought you’d become so rude

Lost within your selfish soul

Even a mother has to say no

You of all my six children

I spent years at your beck and call

Now I have to put an end to your life with me

I have become so free, and a lot more friendly

Giving time to the others finally

Living simple and so full of energy

You will for now until the death of me

No longer be apart of my family

Kodah and I living just the two of us

Guess that is what you’re jealousy’s about

It is just what you tried so hard to be

A single child family

Each has grown to dislike you daily

You caused me so much pain

For that we will never be the same

I couldn’t care less if you vanished without a trace

Its sad to admit how we can’t even remember the look of your face

I love to finally dismiss you from my life

It was the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever had to do

But from you Emily was the final straw

I began to dismiss a whole lot more

One after another, slowly it begins to be so much easier

Now just left to concentrate on Kodah and Teena

What magical days have come our way round

We don’t even think of you these days, unless you find a way to start again

However it no longer breaks my heart

Goodbye to a child who refused any responsibility

Goodbye to a child who needed more than her share

Goodbye to the child who couldn’t find it in herself

Goodbye to the child who always had to blame it all on me

So we welcome my new life

Where I have all this time to write

While I sing a merry old tune

as I say my farewell to you.

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Emotional Rollercoaster series

Emotional Rollercoaster, a collection of poems by D.A. Hopkins is now available for download, as audible & print on demand from all online book stores. Please enjoy & I am working on Emotional Rollercoaster, finding light to be published in 2020 which will be followed by the final Emotional Rollercoaster, escaping hell to complete the series. I have been working on my Spairies children’s book series to give young people who have been through anything that these books will be able to give them a little help finding the way to heal or understand. They are still a very new creation & I believe they have a wonderful future in-store helping young people understand different feelings, discussions & all the things that I will write about. I have begun writing the 1st book ‘Spairies, Kellies grief’. It’s about her turtle dying & a Spairie named Starriannah comes to help her understand & heal from the grief & finds a way for kellie to make the connection between her turtle dying & the death of her grandfather. It is the most positive & inspirational series to come. I just want it to be able to reach any children out there who might need a little help.

Please comment & let me know your suggestions or constructive criticism as I finded my way to help keep children safe in this day & age.

It’s my dream to see that no child has to live through any of the things I suffered through simply because I didn’t know it was wrong & I thought it was a normal way of life.

Thanks for your time & for reading my life, please leave your thoughts & tips.

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Emotional Rollercoaster, finding light

Emotional Rollercoaster book cover.jpg
a collection of poems

Emotional Rollercoaster, a collection of poems by D.A. Hopkins is available for download, audible and print on demand on all online book stores, iTunes and Google play Store please enjoy and I hope to see your comments and thoughts or any ideas to see that my 2nd emotional rollercoaster book, finding light will be a much better collection for you to enjoy that much more.  I hope to have it ready for publishing in 2020 followed with the  3rd Emotional Rollercoaster, escaping hell to complete the Emotional Rollercoaster series.

I have a few books lined up to be published during the next faze of my life as an author. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or if you would like more information about myself or anything else you wish to ask anyone who is kind enough to spend the time getting in touch with me will most definitely be replied to once I have read it.

Thanks for your support and I really do appreciate your thoughts and any idea’s to see my work is the best it can be.
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Written in the ever so greatful heart of mine to Dolly Parton who with her lyrics found a way to free me from a life of hell. Without her songs I would never have known there was a better world out there for me to take my babies I refused to see grow up in the lifecycle I had to endure.

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Please enjoy these poems, I promise I will return but my focus is currently with writing my second book in Emotional Rollercoasters series, finding light. So if you could find a little time for leaving a comment or two to help others find and connect it would make a very happy author out of me.
I’ll be in and out of all my platforms so I would love to return the favor by leaving your site a comment or two as I pass through.
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Thank you to all that follow my poetry. I must take this opportunity to send you all a very, very huge and very important thank you. Your support and the time you take to reading my blogs, my Instagram, my wordpress sites and poetrysoup, Facebook and Twitter pages.
As you believe in my writing this fills my heart with such passion to become an even better writer for you to enjoy. I am gretful to be able to say I have become the first D.A. Hopkins poet in my family and any of my past connections through life. I would be gretful if you could show your support and share any of my poetry or sites with your followers, and friends and family.

D.A. Hopkins

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Tax Free Prizes and Grants – Australian Society of Authors (ASA)

Please don’t hesitate to contact them for the entire world of a variety that I was just about to be able or not to agree with a trust my friends and family to check out ways to make sure writing is an acceptable way for getting a real career in ways that they have to find out who is strongly committed to perfecting their work and those who don’t have the ability to continue to work on their lives as writers . Please don’t forget your opportunity to involve yourself by doing your part in sharing this information.
That’s why
We are together family.

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