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Please enjoy these poems, I promise I will return but my focus is currently with writing my second book in Emotional Rollercoasters series, finding light. So if you could find a little time for leaving a comment or two to help others find and connect it would make a very happy author out of me.
I’ll be in and out of all my platforms so I would love to return the favor by leaving your site a comment or two as I pass through.
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Thank you to all that follow my poetry. I must take this opportunity to send you all a very, very huge and very important thank you. Your support and the time you take to reading my blogs, my Instagram, my wordpress sites and poetrysoup, Facebook and Twitter pages.
As you believe in my writing this fills my heart with such passion to become an even better writer for you to enjoy. I am gretful to be able to say I have become the first D.A. Hopkins poet in my family and any of my past connections through life. I would be gretful if you could show your support and share any of my poetry or sites with your followers, and friends and family.

D.A. Hopkins

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Ruski my oldest & dearest friend

9 year old husky, Ruski is my most favorite part of the day. We recently had a brilliant idea to add, to our already very large family with Alli. Now 2years old she’s finally grown out of the puppy mouth of chewing anything her little pitbull eyes pass. But it was the best change this family has had these past few years.

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